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Cities and Adventures

Adventures in Japan

Been a while since I blogged… sorry…. … BECAUSE I’VE BEEN ON HOLIDAY! HOOOLLLIDDAAAYYYY sing its name from the rooftops HOOOLLIDDAAYYY oh blessed state, oh bastion of wonder, oh holiday! As has been covered in […]

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Adventures in Berlin

Ich liebe Deutsch.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I have German family, and after the Brexit vote went and applied for German citizenship.  Dropping my paperwork off at the embassy, the gentleman who examined it […]

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Adventures in… Poland

I’ve now had two adventures in Poland. Both times, people laughed at my attempts to speak Polish.  The first time they laughed because it was incomprehensible.  The second time was possibly funnier, because it was […]

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Adventures in Aviles

You know when someone says ‘the hotel is in a converted ducal palace’?  Of course you laugh.  This very funny.  Hahaha. Well don’t you feel stupid when it turns out they weren’t lying? Earlier this […]

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