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Cities and Adventures

What I Did On My Holidays – Montreal Pt.2

Back to my inability to speak French. I have yet to see Mission Impossible 3 in English.  But in French, it was quite clearly a work of towering genius.  I mean, in a totally rubbish […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – Montreal Pt.1

Alas, I went to Montreal before I owned a camera, so this is going to have to be done the ol’ fashioned way… are you sitting comfortably? The gentleman in my life was invited to […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – Vienna

One of the very few holidays that doesn’t come with the epithet ‘so I went with my boyfriend…’ the Vienna expedition was a cunning plan formulated with me and my parents to take the train […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – Istanbul

I love Istanbul. By now, dear reader, you may have noticed a pattern in What I Did On My Holidays – I do cities.  I vaguely get the idea of going on holiday to the […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – Verona/Aida

First thing to be said about my trip to Verona is this – myself and boyfriend did very much not go and stand under Juliet’s balcony.   Because let’s face it, the idea is kinda silly.  […]

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Graffiti – European and London

So, I don’t know why, and don’t really know whether it’s an expression of something cultural/political, but as a general impression, I always get the feeling that there is more graffiti in continental Europe than […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – via Dubai

Not planning on writing about airports as a general principal, but Dubai International deserves a mention, because I have never transitted through such a ridiculous, amazing, spectacular, silly, over the top cultural melting point as […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – Seoul

So, I’ve just come back from holiday!  And I have a lot to say about it, but I figured that I might as well start on something that I was going to start on ages […]

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