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Cities and Adventures

Adventures in… the Cotswolds…?

“Tree!  Tree!  Tree!  Small sheep!  (Baaaa.)  Tree!” I would like, dear reader, to pretend that this cliche of urban wonder did not come upon me and my friend – who we’ll call Bombadil for the […]

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Adventures in St Malo Pt 2

It’s a strange thing, but when you’re English in France, you can’t quite shake the feeling that no one is pleased to see you.  The customs officials seem  resigned to your presence; the hotel grudgingly […]

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Adventures in St Malo Pt1

We had some ferry vouchers.  I’d love to say that we thought long and hard about where to go, but the simple truth of the matter is: we’d inherited some ferry vouchers.  Which were also […]

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Getting Away

So I haven’t had a holiday for a while. I’ve had time off… … which I’ve spent writing, if I’ve been lighting, or lighting, if I’ve been writing. But I haven’t had a holiday. And […]

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Adventures in Edinburgh

I went to Edinburgh again this year, to work as a lighting designer for a show at the Festival.  The show is called Kubrick3, and I really like it.  Go see.  The lighting… is not […]

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Adventures in… Brighton

The last time I visited Brighton was on a day-trip from RADA.  The entire technical course contingent, as a sorta-treat on the last day of term, were packed up into a coach, trundled off to […]

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Athens Graffiti

My love of graffiti continues, courtesy of the gentleman known as TLC, his holiday in Greece, a zombie improvisation group, and above all the photographer, Shyam Desai.

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What I Did On My Holidays…. Pyrenees

Let’s start by saying that I’m beginning to suspect flying budget airlines is something of a false economy.  It’s not necessarily that they’re always cheaper than your standard airline – often they are.  It’s the […]

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The Thing About Hotels

(Or in my case, B&Bs, since I don’t really ever stay in hotels…) There are certain universal rules, it turns out, about staying anywhere as a tourist.  For a start, all hotel rooms, no matter […]

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What I Did On Motorail…

SNCF.  I’m sure there was a large part of my childhood, when I thought these letters were something you saw on ancient roman pennants.  It took a while to recognise that these were in fact […]

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Adventures at… Latitude

“The tent’s sinking,” she whispered. “Really?” I replied, radiating cool professionalism under strain.  “How inconvenient.  I hope your dimmer packs aren’t anywhere near the hole in the ceiling.” “It’s okay,” the technician answered brightly.  “I’m […]

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Comically Cold in Oxford

When I went to Oxford a few days ago, it was dark when I got up. It was dark when I got to the underground. It was dark when I got to Paddington. By the […]

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