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Cities and Adventures

Comically Cold in Oxford

When I went to Oxford a few days ago, it was dark when I got up. It was dark when I got to the underground. It was dark when I got to Paddington. By the […]

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What I Did as a Lampie…. Canterbury

In recent weeks, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, and this has largely been down to working in Canterbury.  A deadly combination of two factors – 1. Working quite hard and 2. […]

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Home Again!!

Bed! My own bed! My teddy bear! A regular internet connection… hello world! Library books, have to renew/return my library books a.s.a.p.. Oh god, clean socks!  Emergency wash, here I come… Slippers!  This is the […]

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What I Did on My Holidays… Venice

‘Let’s not go to Venice!’ exclaimed the gentleman I was attempting to convince to go to Venice with me.  ‘It’s been discovered.  It’s a tourist trap.  It’s a cliche.  Let’s go to Madagascar.’ Alright, I […]

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Home at last!!

My own bed! My own pillows! A hot shower! With an actual towel at the end of it! A hairwash! Not having to sleep in a jumper!  (When, but when, did it suddenly get cold?) […]

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What I Did as a Lampie… Edinburgh

Alright, first thing to do is… … name that panoramic, tourist-cliche yet essentially stunning panoramic city viewpoint… This was not my first trip to Edinburgh. When I was a kid, my Dad had a meeting […]

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On the 0800 Express

Well, isn’t this a.m.? Greetings, readers, from the 0800 train from Edinburgh Waverley-London Kings X. And the first question I think we should all ask is this – why, but why oh why, is platform […]

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What to say about Stratford Upon Avon? It’s a toy town. I mean, make no mistake, as toy towns go, it’s a very nice toy town.  For a start, it’s the home of the Royal […]

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Cross Country via Westfields

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been off to Derby this weekend for the Alt. Literature Festival, and very fun it was too.  But this was the first time I’ve ever attempted to […]

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To Lincoln

So, I should start out by confessing… I have no idea where Lincoln is.  My knowledge of the UK beyond the M25 is very much defined by mainline railway stations.  I can just about muddle […]

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District 9 – South Africa

So, we (myself and a gentleman who’ll go by the name of TLC from hereon in…) went to see District 9.  I sort of did and sort of didn’t know what to expect; whether we […]

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What I Did On My Holidays – The Redemption of Detroit

So it occurs to me that I have extensively rubbished Detroit International Airport in recent blogs, and while I defend this position as being entirely justifiable based on the key fact that Detroit Airport is […]

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