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Wendigo Nights


1 wendigo with a slim grasp of the use of language in the modern world

1 missing goddess and her angry pet dog

1 shaman with dubious job prospects

4 killer builders with only one smile between them

1 vampire

1 necromancer

1 troll

1 banshee

1 pack of super-strength anti-histamines

2 temples

5 murders

… and more tea than the mind can comfortably conceive.

And you have my title dilemma for Urban Magic 5 in a bag.  No more, however, will I say on this subject for now, if only because the publication date for the Minority Council is actually approaching, and it will in fact be released on March 1st just as we go into our final day of tech for this musical I’m lighting (why is it I’m always in tech on publication day?!) – and therefore I kinda think the priorities should shift.  (Remember!  The Minority Council is the only book I’ve ever written where I am actively advising all readers to chose paper, not Kindle!)  Think fairy dust and insects now… and the lost spirits of the city later…