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Upcoming Events Autumn 2023

A few upcoming bits!

On October 29th at 14:00 I’ll be at London Comicon with a bunch of excellent folk, talking about Worldbuilding. This is always a fun panel in which we try to poke at tools and techniques to make the SFF world of your dreams, followed by signing books and hanging out at the Forbidden Planet stand. If you’re going to be at Comicon, come say hi!


From November 1st, I’m gonna be in France, starting at Utopiales in Nantes!

The last time I was in France for book adventures was almost exactly twenty years ago, so I am incredibly honoured and excited to be finally coming back. And as well as Utopiales, there are rumours of visits to various bookshops around Paris, Dijon and Lille on the cards – I’ll put up more details as I know them.

Full confession: my French is pretty bad. I can sorta understand a bit, but have thrown all my efforts into bringing my German up to standard since becoming a German citizen a few years ago. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was in Spain for the always excellent Celcius 232 a few months back, and now when I try to even mumble in French, a half-Spanish, half-German monster passes my lips – but I’m gonna keep trying, damnit. With my climate-crisis hat on, I am especially grateful that my publishers have kindly organised my wanderings across France to be entirely by train, and I am already looking forward to hearing the ‘bing-bong-bong-bing!’ of SNCF announcements. (It’s a niche nerdy love, but to me it is the sound of adventure.) If all goes to plan, the journey should include one of my absolute favourite interchanges – the walk from Gare du Nord to Montparnasse across Paris; I challenge anyone to make that trip and not feel a sense of pure traveller’s joy.

Finally, there’s rumours and portents of something lovely in London in December, which I’ll post about as soon as I’ve got actual confirmed details in the diary. Meanwhile I suspect my editor would like me to remind the world that House of Odysseus is out in hardback, and Ithaca is available in all the formats from all good bookshops.