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Support the Climate Strike

Very late in the day, please support the climate strike! Climate change is the single greatest threat to our existence. It is already manifesting in deadly heatwaves, spreading diseases, decreased fertility, water shortages and ever-more deadly extreme weather. It is ruining crops and lives; driving up the cost of the food on your shelves and endangering coastlines, communities and lives.

We’ve known about it since the 1970s, but always put off acting. Now every year that goes by it becomes harder and more expensive to undo the damage, and more lives will be destroyed. We have to get our arses in gear now, and if the younger generations are taking the lead on this then they have far more common sense than the older ones. Please support them however you can.


Meanwhile there’s numerous other things we can do to campaign on this. While every one of us can and will be forced to make personal lifestyle changes, it’s incredibly important that we work to hold corporations to account and demand government intervention. Every time you sign a petition, go on a march, attend a meeting, donate to a charity or contact your MP you are adding to a growing upswell that wants climate change put front and centre in politics. You can also use your vote to make it clear what matters; I’m a big fan of supporting the Green Party, on the principle that every single vote that goes Green is another reminder to the big parties that this issue is important, and the longer they ignore it the more votes they’ll lose.

Going green doesn’t have to be scary. Raising taxes on coal and oil, on huge corporations and the extremely wealthy to fund renewables (already a cheaper source of electricity in the UK than any other), build transport and infrastructure doesn’t just give our children a crack at a healthy future, it also helps address vast social and economic inequality. We can seize control of this process and this debate now, and the more of us do, the better we can make it.

So please support the climate strike – and get campaigning!