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Swimathon 2016!!!!

GUYS GUYS GUYS I’m doing a Swimathon again!

This time it’s as much my fault as my usual training buddy, who last year kinda sorta bullied me into doing one for Marie Curie.  The Marie Curie Swimathon was a) good fun but also b) it felt really good to be raising money for a cause I strongly support, so this year I kinda went looking for the Swimathon again and bullied my mate into it and…

… well…

… here we are.  The Red Herrings are back.

This time, however, we’re raising money for Sports Relief.  I had to do some looking into who Sports Relief are before signing up for this one, as I wasn’t sure if it was a cause I could cheer for, but after some nosing around, I’m really chuffed to be campaigning to raise money for them.  Like it’s partner charity, Sports Relief raises money through annual events, and that cash is given to a huge range of noble causes.  These include overseas projects, promoting education, health and local development, as well as local causes such as help for the elderly and literacy in the UK.  It’s a bit of a catch-all charity in a way, but the swing of that generality is, I think, that there’s something for everyone, and the smallest project up to the greatest work can potentially benefit from the money raised.

All of which leads to the inevitable part of this blog – please sponsor us!  My team is three-people strong, including me, my amazing friend Ele (champion of previous fundraising agonies, such as the 2015 Swimathon and our efforts at running (jogging breathlessly) for Race For Life) and her partner (who made us a logo!), and we really want to do our best this year to raise money for a good cause.  You can sponsor me here, or the team as a whole here… and oh yes, we’re also going to go swimming.  The three of us are doing a 5k swim together, which equates to about 67 lengths each.  Last year, when attempting to do a smaller version of this, my goggles broke.  This year I’m hoping to do much better.

Please help us raise money for an excellent cause, and thank you!!