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Team This Was A Bad Idea

So I have friends who are far more worthy and active and awesome than me, and one of them has talked me into doing a Swimathon this year.  It’s exactly what you’d expect on the cover – a team of mates get together and swim a certain distance (5k, in this case) together to raise money for Marie Curie.  It’s a noble cause, and I suspect it of being surprisingly tiring work as 1.25km each (if we divy up the 5k evenly between us) is 50 lengths apiece in a standard pool, without stopping, which while not at all impossible, is never-the-less gonna require some getting ready for.  Anyway, that’s not even the point – splashy splashy at speed or splashy splashy at a leisurely pace, it’s all irrelevant apart from the charity, and the charity is a superb cause.  Marie Curie raises money to support people living with terminal illness, as well as their families, and thus provides care through one of the most horrific parts of life and fills in a vital hole in the healthcare system that our government and society doesn’t achieve.  It’s an entirely worthy charity to do anything for, so if anyone reading this would like to sponsor our team, your donation would be incredibly appreciated and help make a difference to lives across the country.  Thank you!