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Teaching Women’s Self-Defense…

On November 16th I’m gonna be teaching a class in London Fields with my amazing partner-in-crime Hamida, on women’s self-defense.


It has nothing to do with books.

It has nothing to do with lights!

It won’t go into any particular martial art in depth, though obviously it is gonna involve some bouncing around hitting things.  There may well be a feminist slant to it – we’re both passionate about discussing specifically gender-orientated threats and how to respond sensibly to them – and it is, I’m afraid, for women not blokes.  This is to help create a safe and comfortable environment in which women can talk and think about both how to defend themselves and also how threats – from basic verbal harassment up to full blown assault – may change when you are a woman.  The workshop is two hours long with a short break in the middle; Hamida, being the more sensible of the two of us, is thinking about bringing healthy snacks like nuts and fruit to nibble on.  I thought I’d bring biscuits.

If you’re in London Fields and want to drop by, it’d be lovely to see you there!