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What’s Next….

So.  The Glass God is published.  And by now, dear reader, I hope you have not only bought yourself a copy, but bought copies for your friends, family members, random strangers in the street, bulk orders for local social clubs, football clubs, the nice man who smiles at you on your way to work and indeed, your postman, who frankly deserves one in recompense for all the books he’s bought to your door in the last few weeks…

… that’s what I’m assuming… don’t prove me wrong…

However!  The question may now fairly be asked: what’s next?

The answer is: many more books.

The next book what I wrote is out early next year.  And my editor is currently reading what in my mind I hope will be the sequel.


And here’s the snag.

I can’t tell you what it’s called.

And it’s not published under my name.  Under any of my names, in fact.  I mean, it’s definitely me who wrote it.  It just can’t be me, yet.

Indeed, to tell you more than either of these things is arguably to induce the wrath of my publisher, who will come tearing down upon me with a cry of ‘it’s all very well keeping people engaged, but what happens if you explode our big secret?!’  We walk, it turns out, a very fine line right now, my publisher and I.  For naturally – of course! – we want people who have a) read and b) bought copies for the postman of every single Kate Griffin book ever, to be excited and involved and enthused by the prospect of all the books yet to come.  I want to tell you about them at great length, because I’m kinda excited and involved and enthused too.  At the same time, there’s this Big Secret hanging over us.  And while I personally feel people who follow this blog have, damnit, earned the right – earned through many a rambling essay and ellipsis-prone waffle – to know the Big Secret before anyone else, I hear a rumour that information, on the internet, travels fast and thus, I simply can’t say.

There are more books.

What I wrote.

They’re being published next year.

I like ’em.

I dearly, dearly wish I could tell you more at this juncture.  I’ll be able to tell you more next year, doubtless, but right now I’m simply forbidden from saying all the things I wanna about these things.  As soon as the embargo is lifted, I’ll say so on this blog!  (There’s also a play what I wrote being performed early next year, which I probably can talk about, just as soon as the contract is signed in blood….)

Meanwhile, I feel almost inclined to apologise for my own silence on this.  I will keep on blogging about adventures and stuff, and once the Big Secret is out I’ll unleash a whole universe of information on the Next Books, honest honest honest, but for now, I’m afraid, I have to keep my lips sealed…