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Matilda – the Musical

I’m not musicals woman.

Which is ironic, considering I’m in the process of lighting one.  One with a huge set, a lot of dance number, and no room to put any booms in, if anyone’s concerned.  Also, I realise, thinking about it out loud, no room to fly a bar in any lower than about 8m, which does kinda put pay to fly floor skimmers… anyway, where was I… oh yes, musicals?

I’ve never really got into them, I’ve never really seen many, and I should also add that me and kids shows tend not to get along.  And I tell you all this so you understand that when I say GO SEE MATILDA in the West End, I am the most surprised of anyone to discover myself giving it emphatic capital letters.  It’s delightful, joyous, funny, witty, colourful, vibrant, and even has (very few) cheap tickets for under 25s.

Go see right, right now.