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Free time…

Things I am doing this week:

My tax return.

My mother’s tax return.

Tidying the flat.

Going swimming with my swimming buddy.

Playing chess with my swimming buddy.

Learning escrima.

Playing badminton.

Doing play edits.

Tinkering with a TV drama outline that may or may not be of some interest perhaps one day somehow possibly.

Returning proofs.

Doing filing.

Learning how to make carrot cake.

Sorting the odd socks in my odd socks drawer.

Defragmenting the hard drive.

Attempting to organise dinner with a man who doesn’t like coconut in his curry.  (Inexplicably.)

Reading about the Madhouses Act and the history of Bedlam.

Chasing my local library.

Sending skype-haiku (my responce to the 150 character limit on all skype text messages) to a friend in Egypt.


Such activities are usually a sign of one of two things, in any writer.  Either a) serious writers block or b) the completion and delivery of their latest novel.  And the good news of the moment is… it’s not a).