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Things to do in a box

To do in a control box between cues:

1.  Write novels.

2.  Send very long emails to far-flung friends (when the theatre’s internal internet system is functioning, grumble grumble….)

3.  Learn Chinese.

4.  Attempt to recover your limited knowledge of Physics through A-Level practice questions.  Fail at the same.  Curse and seethe.

5.  Play suduko to recover from cursing and seething.

6.  Play chess vs. a scarily intelligent computer whose level five is easy to thrash, and whose level six is insane.

7.  Write more novels.

8.  Draw network maps of your server system in order to make absolutely sure you do really vaguely understand what is going wrong when it does go wrong, just in case.

9.  Learn lockpicking with a couple of padlocks you’ve lost the key for.

10.  Do sowing repairs on your battered bag and torn trousers.

11.  Play pub quiz questions with the followspot operators, and read out ‘500 Fantastic Facts’ over the intercom cans pack from the fantastic facts book kept in the spot box in order to entertain them during particularly long cues.

12.  Gossip shamelessly with everyone else on cans.

13.  Eat chocolate.

14.  Update the blog!

‘Tis a strange life… but kinda fun…