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Calling in at OrbitBooks.net

I had lunch with an editor recently, and to my great regret, I entirely failed to starve myself for three days in advance and order champagne.  (This is something of an authorial tradition – the noble art of conniving the most expensive meal you possibly can from your publisher lives on.)  Instead, we had Thai food in my favourite restaurant in EC1, and very lovely it was too.  And in the course of licking out the little pot of satay sauce that came with the meal – because I have no shame about these matters – the subject of my contributing to other blogs came up.

Other blogs?

What other blogs?

But my editor persisted and made surprisingly fluent arguments and, despite somehow feeling that this was a betrayal of whatever it is you would call this blog – personal, journal, ramble-tastic – I was coaxed into visiting www.orbitbooks.net and dropping in a few entries.  And while you will find nothing there of mine that is particularly remarkable or unexpected, you will find a lot of quite groovy entries by other dudes, and tonnes of interesting stuff that I hadn’t really cottoned onto.  So I mention it partially as a public service, and partially because I feel a little bit like I’ve just been introduced to my best mate’s boyfriend, and ought to apologise for getting on so well with him.