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Urban Magic 3

So, I haven’t even really got going in talking about Urban Magic 2 – the Midnight Mayor – but feel that, since this is my blog and it is related to all things Urban Magicy, I would share the happy and joyous news that the contract to write Urban Magic 3, is currently sitting on the end of my bed!  I’m not entirely sure what the publication date would be – my publisher may or may not be thrilled to know that the writing is already well underway and they’ll probably receive the manuscript in the next few months… – but it’s there, it’s happening and, barring disaster, will hopefully, some day, somehow, be on a bookshelf near you!

However, despite the desire to say lots about it, I won’t yet, since as established, I ought to really say more about the Midnight Mayor.  Did you, for example, know that the thing that causes most problems in the London sewer system is not so much sewage in the traditional sense, but congealed cooking fat?  Imagine what could go wrong for your average sorcerer when the underground world of London decides to take a wander on the streets above…?