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G20 Protests in London

So, this week, as probably the whole world knows, the G20 leaders met in London to talk about how economically stuffed we all are.  And, because economics is a subject about which I know just enough to know that I really don’t get it, and because the protesters who went into the city in preparation for the G20 summit seemed to cover every political movement from Environmentalists to Marxists, I kinda forget to take the protests into consideration when trying to find a bus.  Much walking and an unlikely train ride later, I made it home, but not before I’d joined in the general atmosphere of ‘oh look – a protest’ that seemed to be buzzing around the Liverpool Street area, and taken a few photos…

G20 Marchers 1G20 2G20 3G20 4

I should add, that I read later headlines like ‘anarchists fight for the city’ and saw news footage which suggested that ten thousand very angry people were trying to overthrow capitalism with use of big sticks, death outfits and stuffed zebras.  While I can’t really testify from my position of having wandered into a demo by mistake, I will say that the demonstraters I saw seemed very peaceful environmental activists.  I should also add that I also saw a copper sat outside Marks and Spencers with about four inches of blood-stained bandage pressed to his head and a police medic for company.  So I guess I conclude…

… that I don’t really know.  (And probably neither does anyone else.)G20 5



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